FOX News Elites Hope Media Won’t Cover Donald Trump Now That He Got Second In Iowa (Video)

FOX News elites including Stephen Hayes, Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume dissed Donald Trump Monday after placing second in Iowa.
trump iowa speech

Brit Hume hopes this will be the end of the media following Donald Trump from event to event.

I think, you know, Cruz has a win. Rubio has an expectations win. And Trump has a loss. And, as Stephen is suggesting and I’ve mentioned before this whole aura about him may begin to subside. And we’ll now here a lot more and and lot more from and about the other candidates. Will everybody cover every live Donald Trump speech as many of the networks have done for so long. I’m not sure. I think others can now claim a share of the stage.

Of course, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who regularly gets tens of thousands of supporters to fill arenas across the country.
But the GOP elites don’t care.


They want him gone.

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