Former Democrat Official Tells Bernie Sanders To GO F**K HIMSELF

Bernie Sanders

The media loves to present the GOP primary as a civil war and the Democrat primary as a love-fest but it isn’t true. Democrats are having another ugly primary, just like they did in 2008.

The Hill reports:

Former Dem official: ‘Go f— yourself, Bernie’

A former deputy executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Friday lashed out at presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in a post on Medium titled “Go f— yourself, Bernie.”

The post was in response to Sanders implying that rival Hillary Clinton was praising President Obama in order to “win support from the African American community where the President is enormously popular.”

“It’s not just Black people that love Obama. The President is ‘enormously popular’ among all Democrats. Welcome to the Party,” former DCCC official Brandon English wrote in his post.

“Do you have any idea how belittling it is to reduce Obama to the President that the Blacks like?”

English noted that both Sanders and Clinton have been attempting to curry favor among black voters.

This is what the identity politics of the left always comes down to.


Battling over specific “groups” rather than the American people as a whole.

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