Figures. Obama Complains About GOP Blocking Judicial Nominees – Forgets That He Filibustered Alito

President Barack Obama complained to reporters today about the Republican Senate blocking his judicial nominees.

Former Justice Antonin Scalia has not even been buried.

It’s all about him…

For some reason he forgot about his actions as a freshman senator from Illinois.
Frontpage reported:

things really got ugly with the nomination of Justice Alito.

Obama joined a filibuster when he was a U.S. senator to delay the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito, one of President Bush’s nominees to the Supreme Court.

“I will be supporting the filibuster because I think Judge Alito, in fact, is somebody who is contrary to core American values, not just liberal values,” Obama said in January 2006.

Obama has no idea what American values are. His only values are leftist values. Here’s what he said about Justice Alito.

“While I certainly believe that Judge Samuel Alito has the training and the qualifications necessary to serve as a Supreme Court Justice,after a careful review of his record, I simply cannot vote for his nomination.”

Obama claimed that, “Judge Alito simply does not inspire confidence that he will serve as an independent voice on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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