Far Left German Activist Apologizes to Migrants on Facebook After Being Sexually Assaulted by Migrants


A far left German activist apologized on Facebook to migrants after she was sexually assaulted in Cologne by migrants.
Breitbart.com reported:

Selin Gören, member of the “Linksjugend Solid,” a far-left German youth organization, was reportedly sexually assaulted by a refugee on January 27. After an initial false report that she had been assaulted by “foreigners and Germans alike,” she revised her story before taking to Facebook to apologise for any “racism” that might be caused by the revelation that her alleged assailant was a migrant.

In her post, Gören wrote:

But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary-crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you [the refugee] are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.

Local police have  a matching record of a woman in her age and location reporting a sexual assault.

Gören is a left-wing activist who regularly spoke for the far-left Linksjugend Solid party, a recognized daughter party of Die Linke, an established Germant progressive party.

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