There’s one school in Oklahoma that’s serious about protecting its students. Not only may some staff members be armed, there’s a warning to potential intruders posted outside.

The Muskogee Phoenix reported:

Okay schools allow staff to arm

New signs posted on the grounds of Okay Public Schools announce an “Armed School Employees” policy in place.

The Okay Public Schools Board of Education passed an “Armed School Employees” policy in August. On Monday, the district publicized that policy with signage in front of the school.

“The signs are more or less a deterrent,” Superintendent Charles McMahan said. “We don’t want to be a soft target.”

McMahan said his administration looks for ways to keep students safe and secure, particularly since the Okay Police Department was disbanded in December 2014. Although Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies are available, McMahan said it is “seconds, not minutes, that matter.”

Student Richard Antosh and several of his peers supported the policy, trusting their teachers should a threat arise. Many of the students only learned of the policy when the administration placed the signs.

Antosh said his concern, though, was “if a kid tried to get the gun (from an employee) and hurt someone.”

The school’s policy, spearheaded by High School Principal Mark Hayes, is designed to fill the security where it was vacated by local law enforcement.

“There have been numerous shootings in the country, and we want to keep our students safe,” Hayes said. “These are our kids.”

Good for them.



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