Donald Trump: When Ted Cruz Lies and Then Raises the Bible – I’ll Call Him Out (VIDEO)

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump spoke with Bret Baier on FOX News tonight after the GOP CBS Debate in South Carolina. Trump accused the Cruz campaign of running a dishonest ad like “what he did to Carson” saying Trump was quitting the campaign and to vote for Cruz. It’s reportedly running in South Carolina.
It’s the latest Cruz dirty trick.

trump cruz liar bible

Donald Trump: Ted Cruz put out a robo saying Donald Trump might not run vote for Ted Cruz and I said, “Where did this come from? And we have two people that already called us about it. So it’s dirty politics and when they do that, you look at Iowa where they do the voter violation notice it looks like it comes from the federal government. It’s a total fraud. And so when a guy does that, and you know what really bothers me is, I am a good Christian and when a guy does the things Ted did and then he holds up the Bible I don’t like it. So I like to call people out.

Ted Cruz is delivering the sermon Sunday morning at the Community Bible Church of Beaufort, South Carolina.

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