Amazing! DONALD TRUMP JUMPS 8 POINTS WITH VETERANS After Trashing George Bush in Debate (Video)

‘Teflon Don’ strikes again—
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump climbed eight points in the latest FOX News South Carolina poll with veterans.
This comes after Trump trashed George W. Bush at the last debate on Saturday.
trump vets

Bill Hemmer reported.

What I think is interesting. Martha. from the polling we just put out, the debate on Saturday night when Donald Trump went after George Bush – a Republican candidate, in a Republican debate, in a Republican primary in a Republican red state, Donald Trump among veterans in our polling goes up 8 points in this poll than he was two months ago in December. He’s at 37 percent up from 29 in December. Ted Cruz stayed static. 22 for Ted Cruz two months ago. 22 now.

And this was AFTER Trump went off on a goofy “George Bush lied!” rant at the last debate.
Via America’s Newsroom:

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