DNC Chair: Superdelegates Exist to Protect Party Leaders from Grassroots Competition (Video)

Socialist Bernie Sanders thumped Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire winning the popular vote by 22 percent. But, unfortunately for the Democrat voters, New Hampshire superdelegates don’t have to answer to the voters and they’re going with Hillary.

Hillary left the Granite State with 15 delegates. Bernie Sanders left the state with 13 delegates.
Feel the Bern.

wasserman schults superdelegates

This week DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN the superdelegates exist to protect the party elites from grassroots competition.
How Democratic.


Wasserman Schultz: Superdelegates “exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”

Via Truth in Media:

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