Did Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Pay Katy Perry $70,000 FOR AN ENDORSEMENT?

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry is campaigning for Hillary Clinton but new reports suggest she may have been paid to do so.

The Source reports:

Did The Clinton Campaign Pay Katy Perry $70,000 To Endorse Hillary?

While Hillary Clinton continues her merciless quest for the Black vote, her will to also corral the support of Millennials led her to Katy Perry in 2015, who endorsed the former Secretary of State, and has made several appearances on her behalf during her presidential campaign. According to a Free Beacon report however, Perry’s support could’ve been coaxed by a monetary payment. The Beacon says that a $70,000 payment was made to Kitty Purry, pop star Katy Perry’s company, in the name of “event production.” Other pop stars have endorsed the Clinton campaign, like Demi Lovato and Lena Dunham, but their haven’t been any reported similar payments to their camps or companies.

For what it’s worth, during Barack Obama‘s campaign–which was also supported by Perry–POTUS’ camp also made a payment of upwards of $120,000 in the name of “event sitte rental, staging, sound, lighting, travel, and lodging,” as Beacon also points out. Perry performed at several of Obama’s campaign events in 2012.

The suspicions initially arose when Ryn Weaver, singer of 2014 viral sensation “OctaHate,” accused Perry of being a bully and being paid by the Clinton campaign for her endorsement. Perry has yet to respond to any of the accusations, but Clinton’s camp did give a statement to Gawker in an effort to quell the rumors.

Would this be so hard to believe?



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