Democrat-Socialist Debate on PBS and CNN Only Draws 6.3 Rating – Way Below GOP Debates

Thursday’s Democrat-Socialist debate on CNN and PBS drew a combined 6.3 household rating.
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Despite being on two channels the Democrat-Socialist debate could only muster a combined 6.3 rating – 3.3 household rating on PBS and 3.0 household rating on CNN.
FOX 2 Now reported:

Thursday’s 6.3 combined rating was higher than the CBS Democratic debate on a Saturday in November, which had a 6.1 household rating, and ABC’s Saturday night Democratic debate in December, which had a 5.7 rating.

It was lower than NBC’s Sunday night debate in January, which had a 7.2 rating.

Meanwhile, the Republican debates continue to score record ratings.
The ABC GOP Debate with Donald Trump scored the best ratings of the year so far.
The debate averaged a 9.3 household rating according to Nielson’s markets.


** The GOP contenders will hold another debate Saturday from South Carolina.

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