Comedy Show in NYC Charging Higher Admission FOR STRAIGHT WHITE MEN

Cinder Block

The Cinder Block Comedy Festival in New York City is advertising lower ticket prices for women, gay people and minorities while charging a higher ticket price for straight white men. Is that even legal?

The Daily Caller reports:

Comedy Festival Will Charge White Men More To Fight The Wage Gap

An upcoming comedy festival in New York City is charging different rates for attendees in an apparent effort to check the privilege of straight white men.

The Cinderblock Comedy Festival will be held Sept. 15-18 in the hipster stronghold of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With the festivities just seven months away, organizers are already urging potential performers to apply to perform.

But the festival has one very notable policy: Currently, only women, non-whites and those who identify as LGBT are allowed to apply for an early-bird price of $19.25. Straight white men, on the other hand, will only be allowed to apply starting March 15, and they’ll have to pay $25 to do so.

Leftists are basically saying they’re fighting bigotry by practicing… bigotry.



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