Cologne Sets Up “Safe Zones” at Carnival Celebrations to Protect Women From Migrant Rape

A mob of young Muslim men sexually assaulted and harassed hundreds of German women outside of Cologne’s busy main train station during celebrations and rioting on New Year’s Eve.

Video captured Muslim men shooting off fireworks at the cathedral and police station in the area.

Two ‘immigrant’ suspects were arrested following the attacks. The migrants were carrying a note in German and Arabic saying ‘I want to have sex with you’
sex with you
(Left), Police arrest men around the main train station in Cologne. (Right), A note found by police on two suspects. Photo: Warren Allott/The Telegraph


The mayor of Cologne blamed the female victims for the rapes and sexual abuse and told local women to keep an arm’s length from the migrant males in the future.

The local officials are hoping not to see a repeat of New Year’s Eve attacks. So to protect the women they are setting up “safe zones” during the Carnival celebrations this week.

If women are groped, harassed or raped, they can enter a safe zone and discuss it with a social worker.
The Telegraph reported:

Authorities in the German city of Cologne are to set up a “safe zone” for women during the annual carnival which begins next week, to avoid a repeat of the New Year sex attacks on women.

The move comes after it emerged two asylum-seekers from Algeria are being held as suspects in the sex assaults.

The Cologne carnival is one of the largest street festivals in Europe, and attracts more than 1m people to its main parade each year.

There are concerns the large crowds could leave women vulnerable to the sort of attacks seen on New Year’s Eve, when police were havily outnumbered.

The authorities plan to provide extra street lighting and set up a “safe zone” for women in the city centre, staffed with social workers.

“We are aware these carnival days are a challenge for us to show that we have learned from the terrible events of New Year’s Eve,” Guido Kahlen, a city councillor, said.

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