CNN Panel Gushes Over Bernie Sanders Talking ABOUT HIS SPIRITUALITY (VIDEO)

When Republicans talk about God and their spiritual views, they’re branded as religious nuts but when Bernie Sanders does it, the left is deeply affected by his compassion.

Here’s something that happened last night after CNN’s Democrat Town Hall event.

News Busters reported:


CNN Gushes Over ‘Spirituality’ of Bernie Sanders; ‘He Helped Himself’

Liberal pundits on CNN Tonight early on Thursday morning touted how Bernie Sanders spoke about his religious/spiritual views. Van Jones emphasized how Sanders, during the network’s Democratic presidential town hall earlier in the evening, “did something tonight that I thought was good…He talked about his own spirituality, and he talked about…how religion and his religious views inform his public views.” When Jones wondered if the Vermont Democrat helped his cause, Gloria Borger replied emphatically, “Of course, he helped himself.”

Watch the video:

We’ve seen this all before. Because the Godless left has no religion, politics becomes their religion and their preferred candidates become spiritual figures.

Remember back in 2008 when people would faint at Obama rallies?

Guess where that’s happening now.

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