CARS LINED UP OUT OF TOWN as Hordes Attend Trump NH Rally; Fox, WaPo Journos Barred by Fire Marshal

Donald Trump is drawing a huge crowd for his campaign rally in Exeter, New Hampshire at noon Thursday.

The rally is being held at the historic Exeter Town Hall.

CBS News reporter Jacqueline Alemany posted a photo to Twitter showing a long line of parked cars of rally attendees on a street that extended out of town.

The line of cars parked in Exeter for the @realDonaldTrump event…leaves town.

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker reported on the mobbed scene.

“Squeezing a Trump rally into the Exeter Town Hall is a sight to behold. Crowded, steamy, and scores of disappointed Trumpeters locked out.”

A photo posted to Twitter by the Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman shows Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace and crew being blocked from entering the hall.

“Mad scene in Exeter, NH for Trump. Fire marshal just turned a perplexed Chris Wallace & @FoxNews away”

Alemany reported on the atmosphere outside the hall before Trump spoke:

“Steam rising, Stones blasting, signs being tossed into the mosh pit of a crowd – the energy for @realDonaldTrump in Exeter is infectious.”

Crowd scene photo posted to Twitter by NBC News reporter Katy Tur

“Packed town hall for Trump in Exeter. Lots of young folks.”

Reports state that some of the attendees are from Phillips Exeter Academy.

UPDATE: The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank posted to Twitter he was barred from attending the Trump rally.

Here’s a first: at Trump event in Exeter, Secret Service agents playing bouncers. Won’t let press in.”

“Guy not letting press into Trump event gives his name as “Secret Service Special Agent.””

“Trump flack Hope Hicks blames fire marshal, says campaign doesn’t have space for all reporters it “approved” to cover event. Mm-hmm.”

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