Brit Hume: Trump Does Not Need Big Surge to Win – Could Win “Going Away” (VIDEO)

Brit Hume, the former managing editor of the FOX News Channel, weighed in on the latest polling from Iowa on Sunday night, a day before the Iowa caucus.
trump thumb 2

Hume says Trump is poised to win Iowa and “could win going away.”

Brit Hume: The polling suggests that Donald Trump does not need a big surge from first time voters. He is leading with those who describe themselves as mainstream Republicans, which means if all things are equal and we get a normal or perhaps an enlarged turnout, he’ll be fine. And if there is a huge surge of new voters, he does very well among them, he could win going away. I think this poll suggests it’s going to be tough for one of his challengers to overtake him.

For the record – Hume is NOT a Trump supporter.


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