#BlackLivesMatter Loons Plead Guilty to Blocking MA Highway AND GET NO JAIL TIME

BLM Boston

It doesn’t matter to these far left activists that they could have caused an accident or prevented someone from getting to the hospital in an emergency. Their political agenda is more important.

They were also spared jail time.

The Boston Herald reported:


No jail time, no apology from I-93 protesters

The daughter of an octogenarian whose ambulance was diverted during a Black Lives Matter protest last winter on I-93 said the defendants — who today avoided jail time with guilty pleas — treated people like her beloved father as “collateral damage.”

“The foolishness, when you hear about adult diapers and cement and people asking, ‘Please get out of the way,’ and you can hear the ambulances in the background, then I’m angry,”’ said Pauline McDonough of Plainville, whose then 82-year-old father was diverted to a Brockton hospital instead of Boston Medical Center when protesters blocked the highway chaining themselves to cement blocks on Jan. 15, 2015.

Some of the protesters wore adult diapers expecting to snarl traffic for hours, authorities said.

“Once all of the risks that were presented to these individuals and they still chose to disregard that, almost like there was going to be collateral damage. … We believe that Black Lives Matter is certainly a noble cause. … But you know, it’s a bigger picture than that. We have loved ones and all lives matter. And my dad’s life mattered,” McDonough said.

Tea Party groups get investigated by the IRS.

Left wing radicals get no jail time for blocking a major highway and endangering people.

That’s totally fair, right?


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