#BlackLivesMatter Activists Angry They Can’t Ban White People From PUBLIC LIBRARY MEETINGS

BLM Nashville 2

Black Lives Matter activists in Nashville were surprised to learn that they can’t ban people from meetings at a public library based on race. They even suggested this policy is racist. Irony much?

USA Today reports:

Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library’s policy

Library officials have told Nashville’s chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement that meetings restricting those who attend by race aren’t allowed on public property.

The decision has outraged Black Lives Matter members. But Nashville Public Library officials said they’re following a library policy that specifies all meetings at their facilities must be open to the public and news media.

“The library didn’t cancel anyone’s meeting,” said library spokeswoman Emily Waltenbaugh, referring to a Black Lives Matter meeting Saturday that has been moved to a church. “We’re taxpayer funded. We have to be open to anyone any time.”

For the past few months, the Black Lives Matter movement here has had chapter meetings at the North Branch Library.

Here’s how BLM Nashville reacted:


BLM Nashville 1

Who are the real racists here?


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