Beyoncé Can’t Find Cops to Work Concert After ANTI-COP SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE


It looks like Beyoncé is going to have to hire private security for her next show. Decisions have consequences and cops are getting tired of being called murdering racists.

Breitbart reports:

Beyoncé Can’t Find Police Volunteers for Concert After Anti-Cop Halftime Show

While Beyoncé’s upcoming concert in Tampa, Florida is expected to sell out, the show is lacking adequate security personnel, as local police officers have thus far refused to sign up to work at the event.

Fox 13 reports in the aftermath of the singer’s politically and racially charged Super Bowl halftime performance earlier this month, in which she paid tribute to the Black Panther Party with her new song “Formation,” a police sign-up sheet for the Apr. 29 event at Raymond James Stadium remains empty.

The affiliate reports that off-duty officers typically agree to work concerts and sporting events at the stadium to earn extra money; however, none have signed up to work security for Beyoncé.

As of this week, not a single officer has volunteered.

Tampa Police Department spokesperson Steve Hegarty told Fox 13 not having uniformed officers on hand to police the crowd would be a security risk.

Who could blame the police for snubbing her?

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