DISGUSTING. GOP Is Fundraising Off of Donald Trump – As They Bash Him

Even though the Republican establishment privately calls leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump a “misguided missile” who is “subject to farcical fits” and advises candidates to emulate but not tie themselves too closely to Trump, the National Republican Party is still soliciting donations using Trump’s name as a motivator to contribute.

This email was sent out by the GOP this morning.
In the fundraising letter the GOP wants you to fill its coffers so they can defend Donald Trump.

Yeah, that’s going to happen.
GOP Donor Trump fundraising
Here’s the transcript:


You’ve told the RNC that you want Trump to be our next president.

As the Official Committee in Charge of Taking Back the White House, the RNC is responsible for preparing valuable assets and infrastructure for Trump if he becomes our nominee.

He’ll be thrown in a race against Hillary, Hollywood liberals, union bosses, and a rising army of “democratic socialists” ready to do everything they can to keep the White House under their control.

And that’s why the RNC is working to build a war chest so that our nominee can hit the ground running.

Now do your part and make a gift of $100, $75, $50, or even just $35 to take back the White House.

In December 2015 the Senate Republicans raised cash off of Trump holiday swag after bashing him the previous month.

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