Bernie Sanders’ Wife Drove a Vermont College INTO MASSIVE DEBT

Jane Sanders

One of the reasons Bernie Sanders is doing well with Millennials is because he’s promising free college for everyone.

In an ultimate twist of irony, his wife Jane Sanders used to be the head of Burlington College in Vermont and racked up large debts for the small school which almost caused its ruin. Can you say metaphor?

Politico reported:


What happened at Sanders U.

When Jane Sanders was in charge of a small private college in Vermont for seven years, it sank deep into debt while trying to expand its campus. Many students took out tens of thousands of dollars in loans to attend, but their investment was questionable: Only a third of former Burlington College students earn more than the average person with a high school diploma.

Jane Sanders’ husband, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has offered a higher-education plan that would make tuition at public colleges free. But it would do little to prod colleges, public or private, to keep costs down or ensure that a college degree is worthwhile for graduates.

Jane Sanders, who led Burlington College from 2004 to 2011, spent millions on a new campus — 33 acres along the bank of Lake Champlain — to attract more students and donations from alumni. It didn’t work: The college failed to recruit enough students or donations to repay its debts and even came close to losing its accreditation.

Don’t worry, Bernie supporters.

Things will surely work out differently this time.


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