Bernie Sanders Releases New Ad That Features ERIC GARNER’S DAUGHTER (VIDEO)

Eric Garner daughter

In the race to appeal to South Carolina’s black community, the Bernie Sanders campaign is pulling out all the stops. This is supposedly a safe state for Clinton so Bernie is pandering as fast as he can.

The Hill reports:

New Sanders ad features Eric Garner’s daughter

Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign released an ad Thursday featuring the Eric Garner’s daughter urging voters to “believe in a leader like Bernie Sanders” and giving an emotional account of her father’s death.

Eric Garner died on Staten Island after a New York police officer put him in a chokehold. His death spurred national protests against police brutality.

Garner’s daughter, Erica — who endorsed Sanders last month — starts the ad discussing her life since her father died and how she has become an activist in honor of him.

She talks about her 6-year-old daughter, who is also featured in the ad, and how her father’s death has affected her.

“Recently, she just learned about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King,” Garner says over video of her and her daughter sitting together.

Watch the video:


It’s a cynical and divisive message but the left will eat it up.


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