BREAKING: OBAMA TO CLOSE GITMO – Move 91 Remaining Detainees

Obama closes Gitmo –

Here are highlights from his TelePrompter speech today in the White House:
** Claims Islamists use it as propaganda tool
(it’s all America’s fault)

** Guantanamo harms US relations with other countries.


** It undermines are place in the global community

** We’re still having to defend the facility 15 years after it was opened

** This is not just some radical far left view

** Claims George Bush wanted to close it

** Nearly 800 detainees 85% have been transferred to other countries.

** I have transferred 147 more

** Each with restrictions that would prevent them from returning to the battlefield

91 hardcore Islamists remain at Guantanamo Bay.

** This is about closing a chapter of our history

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