WTH? Band Sings Racist, America-Hating Song at Bernie Sanders Iowa Rally (VIDEO)

This is the kind of music they play at a Bernie Sanders Socialist rally.

Vampire Weekend, the uber popular band, played before Bernie Sanders spoke last night at the University of Iowa — making the rally really more of a concert with a speech.

sanders hate song

Another singer Jill Sobule, a 90s throwback, sang a racist anti-American song to get kick off the Socialist rally.


Here are a few lines from the song about racist America:

Life had a paler shade of white.
When they say we want our America back, our America back, our America back,
When they say we want our America back well what the f*ck do they mean?

The massive crowd of students then joined in and sang with the band.

The YouTube user removed the video — Here is Jill Sobule singing her Socialist anthem at an earlier Sanders rally.

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