Weekly Standard Smears Trump – Claims GOP Frontrunner Spoke to ‘Half Empty’ Rally Tuesday Night

The Weekly Standard’s ‘senior writer’ John McCormack published an article falsely claiming that leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to a “half-empty” rally at the West Gym wrestling building at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Tuesday evening, even though other reporters said the rally was “packed” or “full”.

McCormack noted that Trump claimed the Fire Marshal had stopped letting people in over fears the floor would collapse and that “hundreds” were turned away.

At Half-Empty Rally, Trump Claims ‘Hundreds’ Turned Away


McCormack illustrated his article with a photo posted to his Twitter account.

“As Trump begins Iowa rally, gym floor about half empty. He says fire marshal warned floor would collapse”

McCormack tweeted two more times about the Trump rally being “half-full.” Here and here.

Video of Trump informing the crowd:

McCormack retweeted several derisive comments about Trump based on his tweets:

“that would’ve been a wild way for Trump’s campaign to end”

“I’ve been in that building many times. That place could hold another 500 people. Not much interest in Trump in Cedar Falls”

McCormack never updated his article or reported on Twitter that the Fire Marshal eventually let more people in, filling the rally site even though Trump said to the crowd about seven minutes after McCormack posted his first tweet and about twelve minutes before McCormack published his article at the Weekly Standard:

“By the way the Fire Marshal, I want to thank all the people cause they’re letting those people come back in. That’s great, instead of sending them home, that’s really great.”

The time of Trump’s update was noted in this tweet:


“Mr. Trump pleased that Fire Marshal is letting in more people. Too cold to let them go home. Love the Polls, but Iowa I need a larger lead!”

Other reporters at the rally, but not McCormack, reported that Trump supporters were indeed turned away, but that the Fire Marshal did relent and let people in–filling the rally site to capacity.

Jody Avirgan with FiveThirtyEight.com posted to Twitter about being blocked from entering the rally by the Fire Marshal. He posted several tweets from outside including these:

“This is as close to the Trump rally as these people (and this reporter) are gonna get. Fire Marshall shut the doors.”

“”Who can tweet at him? If Donald knows we are out here he will get us in.” — Trump rally shutout.”

“We’re officially shut out. FiveThirtyEight grudgingly commends the Cedar Falls Fire Marshall — when you make up your mind, you stick to it.”

Amanda Goodman, a reporter with KWWL-TV out of Waterloo, Iowa attended the rally and confirmed that the rally was “full” after the Fire Marshal initially stopped letting people in.

“At one point, the Fire Marshal would not let anyone else come in. It was full”

“A look at the pit at Trump rally. Rafters are packed – everyone on feet waiting for Trump @KWWL”

The Des Moines Register, the gold standard of political reporting in Iowa, posted a headline on the Trump rally in direct contrast to the one by the Weekly Standard:

Photos: Donald Trump speaks to packed gym in Cedar Falls

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