Watch Obama Complain That His Job Isn’t Easy FIFTY TIMES (VIDEO)

Obama not easy

Poor Obama. Who knew holding the most important job in the world would be so hard? Luckily for him, and us, he’s going to retire in about one year.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Fifty Times Obama Reminded Us His Job Isn’t Easy

President Barack Obama is fond of reminding us that his job isn’t easy, a new Supercut shows fifty times.

The phrase “not be easy” has appeared 66 times in Obama’s public remarks since the campaign of 2008, according to the American Presidency Project database. The same phrase appeared only 19 times in the public remarks of his predecessor, President George W. Bush, so Obama has managed expectations about his performance by reminding people about the difficulty of his job three times as often as Bush.

Watch the video:


Remember when the left assured us he was the most competent person for the job?

Good times.


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