WA State Patrol Investigating DEATH THREAT On Pro Gun Legislator

MATT_SHEA_27548686_t1140The Washington State Patrol has confirmed that there is “an open and active case” involving death threats made to Republican state representative Matt Shea and his family. The threat apparently revolves around Shea’s trip to meet with the Malheur Wildlife Refuge stand off participants in Oregon.

“We have to maintain the investigative integrity,” said Kyle Moore, of the WSP. “We can’t talk about it until it’s closed.”

Rep. Shea made two posts on his personal facebook account about the threats.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 3.54.08 PMThe first one, from January 12th, reads:

ALERT: So I received a serious threat today from what appears to be a Democrat supporter cursing Republicans and threatening to take over my office with an “armed occupation.” His further comments amounted to what I take as a death threat. PLEASE PRAY for that individual whoever he is…

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 3.56.19 PMA follow-up post was made the next day:

UPDATE: Thank you for all of the support and prayers regarding the death threat I received late yesterday. Today, more threats have come in and my address was published on FB in association with them. The articles published yesterday by the Spokesman Review including the one published by the notoriously socialist and vile Shawn Vestal have incited these violent threats against me and my family. Shawn’s obsession with a “Patriot Conspiracy” is ironic for being such an “anti-conspiracy theorist.” He also is so rabid that he incites people to threats of violence – actual provable threats – something that he accuses Patriots of doing. Nice hypocrisy Shawn. Unsurprisingly, his article contains several demonstrably false statements and the same old tired character assassination. This appears to be the sum total of his intellect, merely parroting lines of an agenda and personal attacks. Therefore, I demand a retraction and an apology of the Spokesman Review for putting me and my family in danger. I hope that makes it clear to everyone else why I don’t interview with the Socialist Review.

The people in rural America are sick and tired of a biased media lying to them and a government that daily tries to take more and more of their rights. That’s what Mr. Vestal and the rest of the enemedia don’t get… we in rural America love freedom and no matter how much you attack us, belittle us, or demean us in your comfortable office sipping your latte… you won’t win.
Freedom is eternal.

Matt Shea

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