VIDEO SHOCKER=> Leave It to Hapless MSNBC Crank Joy Reid to School National Review on Trump Factor

On Friday, in an unprecedented editorial effort, conservative magazine National Review published a special edition bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

22 leading conservatives contributed to this special edition.
national review trump hit

Sadly,the National Review just does not understand the level of disgust in the base of the Republican Party.


Leave it to a wacked out liberal so articulate what NRO writers don’t seem to understand.

Joy Reid is a national correspondent with MSNBC and is usually wrong about everything. Not this.
Here is how Joy put it:

Immigration is where the bargain just broke down. And that base, the base of the Republican Party is no longer willing to go along with any part of the elite. Not the movement conservatives, not the money part of the party. They’re just not willing to go along with it. Immigration was the deal breaker and they are gone. They cannot be brought back into the pen not even by the mighty National Review. noe of the people who are voting for Trump are going to read that. They are not going to listen to those people. They are not listening.

Much more here.

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