VIDEO=> North Korean Submarine Launches Missile Test Days After Nuke Test

submarine launch
North Korea released video of a submarine missile launch on Friday.

The North Korean regime released video Friday of a “successful test” of a submarine-launched missile.

** Pyongyang announced a successful hydrogen bomb test last week.


Korea’s Chosum News reported:

North Korea continued to goad the international community with footage of what it says was a fresh and more successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The new claim came amid growing tensions after the North tested another nuclear device last Wednesday.

State-run [North] Korean Central TV on Friday showed the footage as part of a propaganda segment about leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to a military unit on Dec. 21.

Kim is seen in a thick coat and hat standing on the deck of a ship watching the launch. The missile rises almost vertically from the sea before the engine ignites in the air 30 to 40 m above the surface and disappears into the clouds.

Some experts believe the footage was doctored, none too subtly combining clips of improved Scud missiles launched a couple of years ago. They reason that no SLBM would ignite that far out of the water.

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