VIDEO=> New British ‘Jihadi John’ Called for Sharia Law on BBC LONG BEFORE Joining ISIS

The new British ‘Jihadi John’ ISIS executioner was seen on TV pushing Sharia Law.
In 2014 Siddhartha Dhar was interviewed on the BBC where he called for Sharia Law in Great Britain.

Last week Siddhartha Dhar was seen executing suspected ‘British spies’ in an ISIS snuff video.
The Telegraph reported:

The key suspect for the new ‘Jihadi John’ was arrested six times and warned of further Isil executions but was still able to slip out of the UK after police failed to seize his passport.

Londoner Siddhartha Dhar is suspected of being the masked man in the latest Isil video in which he and others murder five prisoners in Syria.

Police are facing questions after Dhar, 32, was able to leave the UK despite being on bail for alleged terror offences.

Today Siddhartha Dhar’s sister said she could not believe her brother joined ISIS.


Hat Tip Andrew

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