VIDEO=> Muslim in Germany Brags About Brutally Gang-Raping Virgin

A Muslim migrant in Germany brags on video about gangraping a virgin in Germany.
virgin dude seven guys
Virgin, dude. Seven guys, dude.

From the video:

And we on top of bed jumped down, she screams and of course she was fighting back and so on. And we had her legs, dude. Bang! One held her over there, the other over there, dude. And then, dude, Sinan and the others, one after the other, dude, Virgin, dude! Well done, dude! I swear to you… And we like pigs spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her.

What savages!


The video was recorded in December and posted online in late December. The man still walks free in Germany.

Germany is expecting another million migrants in 2016 after accepting over one million migrants in 2015.

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