VIDEO=> Geraldo: “Trump Is Brilliant” – Ted Cruz May Not be a Natural Born Citizen

Geraldo says Donald Trump has a good argument – Ted Cruz May Not Be Eligible

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On Tuesday Donald Trump was asked about Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility to become president. Trump called it a “very precarious” issue for the party and said that Mr Cruz’s nomination could be challenged in court.

On Wednesday Geraldo Rivera agreed that Donald Trump may have a legitimate beef.


“I think Trump is brilliant to raise this issue… When my son Gabriel and his wife Deb were pregnant I raised this issue. I said you have to come home. I want my grandson to be president of the United States. He has to be born in the United States. Now a child of a citizen of the United States born abroad, or born where-so-ever is a citizen if he or she so chooses. So there’s no doubt that Ted Cruz is a citizen of the United States. But he has to be a natural born citizen.”

Via Hannity:

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