‘Variety’ Magazine Calls Michael Moore’s New Flick AN EMBARRASSMENT TO AMERICA

Guest post by Aleister

Michael Moore is set to release his most vicious anti-American film to date.
“Where to Invade Next”
moore trailer

In the film Moore berates America for being nothing more than nation of invaders and imperialists.
It is sure to be a big hit at the Obama White House.


Well the reviews are coming in and they aren’t good.
A film critic for the highly regarded entertainment magazine Variety recently called the movie an embarrassment to America.

Check it out:

The worst: An embarrassment to America, Michael Moore’s latest editorial cartoon of a documentary is as sloppy as its author’s appearance (easily twice his “Bowling for Columbine” heft). Unlike his earlier, urgent wake-up-call docs, “Where to Invade Next” cherry-picks aspects in which other countries can be made to appear more progressive than the States, while conveniently overlooking the limitations of each grass-is-greener locale. At the base, it’s a fine idea, implying the humility to ask what we can learn from others, though Moore is a boorish ambassador at best, and his disingenuous approach undermines his own argument.

Here’s the trailer for the movie if you wish to point and laugh:

If nothing else, it’s fun to watch Moore struggle to remain relevant.

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