UNREAL. Large Satanic Cross on Display All Week Outside City Hall in Florida (VIDEO)

Because, to leftists, all religions are equal – whether you follow Jesus Christ or Lucifer.

Hollandale Beach, Florida officials allowed a local devil worshipper to display Satanic cross outside the city hall for a week.
Because people who worship evil have feelings too.
satan cross florida

A Large Satanic Cross Is on Display Outside of a City Hall in Florida — and Here’s How That’s Going Over

Passerby will notice a curious display outside of the Hallandale Beach City Hall in Florida this week: a giant upside-down cross — a satanic symbol that is expected to be on the premises through Friday.

The cross was erected by Chaz Stevens, a local atheist, who posted it along with the message, ”In Chaz We Trust, All Others Pay Cash,” as the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Stevens was reportedly able to get clearance for the satanic cross after arguing that a Christmas tree, nativity and menorah were all allowed to be put on the property during the holiday season.

His placement of the cross is also reportedly a protest of sorts against the mayor’s idea of placing an “In God We Trust” banner at city hall.


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