Two Convicted Felon Illegal Immigrants Captured In New York After ALREADY BEING DEPORTED

illegal immigrants

The common knowledge is that the illegal immigration crisis is only happening in the South, but the truth is that illegal immigrants are running rampant all over the country, even in the north.

US Border Patrol reports:

At approximately 11:00 am on Jan. 25, a concerned community member called the SRMTP to report that four people were walking near the border in the community of Akwesasne. SRMTP officers responded to the area and encountered four people they believed were neither citizens of the United States nor Canada. The SRMTP placed the four in custody and transported them to their station.

“We can’t be everywhere and need the Akwesasne community’s help to keep our people safe,” said Tribal Chief of Police Matthew Rourke. “Being vigilant and asking community members to call tribal police or Border Patrol when they notice suspicious activity continues to be an important part of our law enforcement capabilities.”

At the SRMTP station, Border Patrol agents determined that two of the people were citizens of Chile and two were citizens of China. Agents also determined that all four had crossed the border between the United States and Canada at a place other than a port of entry, thus avoiding inspection by an immigration officer. Border Patrol agents arrested the four and drove them to the Massena Border Patrol station for further investigation.

Record checks revealed that the two illegal aliens from Chile had both been previously removed from the United States. The checks also revealed that both possessed extensive criminal records.

If only we could have border security like Israel, then we couldn’t have convicted felons running around who aren’t even supposed to be here.


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