Top Liberal Website Says Hillary Clinton Dresses Like a Lesbian

Guest post by Aleister

Liberal website Slate says Hillary dresses like a rainbow.

hillary pantsuit rainbow
A rainbow of pantsuits

If a conservative news outlet had said this, they would be accused of sexism and homophobia.
While the suggestion may be true, the double standard is outrageous.

Slate reported:

Hillary Clinton Isn’t a Lesbian—but She Dresses Like One

Hillary Clinton’s sense of style has been criticized for as long as she has been on the national political scene. One of the uglier forms this mockery has taken, most often in barbed private jokes and comments but occasionally openly by anti-gay activists, has been the “rumors” of secret lesbianism, supposedly evidenced by her pantsuits and her (actually not always full-throated) support of gay rights.

Suggestions that Hillary Clinton is or might be a lesbian rightly belong where I first heard them: in the hallways of a middle school, coming out the mouths of homophobic pre-teens. Still, if Clinton were a lesbian, I’d be proud to claim her fashion sense. Clinton embodies something many lesbians accomplish effortlessly: She dresses in a way that does not cater to, or even consider, the male gaze. Clinton has never sought to make herself a sexual object to please straight men, even when such men have mocked and insulted her for having the temerity not to.

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