TODAY IN HISTORY: Bill Clinton Admitted Lying About His Affair With Monica Lewinsky (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton 2001

Fifteen years ago today in 2001, President Bill Clinton admitted that he lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky in order to avoid indictment. It was his last full day in office and George W. Bush was inaugurated the next day.

Here’s a 2001 report from CNN:

Clinton admits misleading testimony, avoids charges in Lewinsky probe

President Clinton will leave office free of the prospect of criminal charges after he admitted Friday that he knowingly gave misleading testimony about his affair with Monica Lewinsky in a 1998 lawsuit.

Under an agreement with Independent Counsel Robert Ray, Clinton’s law license will be suspended for five years and he will pay a $25,000 fine to Arkansas bar officials. He also gave up any claim to repayment of his legal fees in the matter. In return, Ray will end the 7-year-old Whitewater probe that has shadowed most of Clinton’s two terms.

“I tried to walk a fine line between acting lawfully and testifying falsely, but I now recognize that I did not fully accomplish this goal and am certain my responses to questions about Ms. Lewinsky were false,” Clinton said in a written statement released Friday by the White House.

The admission, which came on the president’s last full day in office, stems from the same allegations that led to Clinton’s 1998 impeachment by the House of Representatives, and the later acquittal by the Senate.

This Associated Press video offers a reminder.

Skip to the 40 second mark:

Tell us more about sexism, Democrats.


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