Islamic Houston

Radical Muslims are not only coming through the Southern border, they are also radicalizing other Muslims currently living in the US. In Texas, there was recently another shred of evidence that radical Islamic terrorism is creeping into the country.

ABC13 reports:

A terror suspect who was arrested in Houston last week went before a judge Wednesday afternoon, where his bond was denied. During testimony, we learned he allegedly discussed placing bombs at Houston’s Galleria.

Eyewitness News also obtained photographic evidence used during the bond hearing — photos of what was seized from his apartment and one of Al Hardan allegedly pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State.

A federal investigator testified that Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, wanted to blow up the Galleria and Sharpstown Mall with a remote bomb. According to testimony, Al Hardan would put the bomb in a trash can and detonate it using a cell phone.

They also say he received military training on how to use an AK-47 late last year at a farm just outside of Houston. Agents say the training was conducted with a confidential informant, and the entire event was recorded by federal investigators.

No amount of gun control would have stopped this. Radical Islam is the issue, not firearms.


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