Al Qaeda Group Attacks Western Hotel in Burkina Faso – Explosions, 20 Dead, Hostages Taken (VIDEO)

There was a terror attack in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, today.
Amateur video captured the attack on a Western hotel.

100 people may still be inside the hotel.

Burkina Faso is located in West Africa near Ghana and Cote D’Ivorie.
burkina faso


Explosions and gunfire were heard at the Splendid hotel in the capital.
The BBC reported:

Gunmen have attacked a hotel used by westerners in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in west Africa.

Eyewitnesses said two car bombs went off outside the Splendid hotel at around 19:30 local time (same as GMT).

Three to four masked men then stormed the Splendid Hotel, which is used by UN staff and westerners, witnesses said.

Local media report that at least one person has been taken hostage inside the building. There is not yet any indication of casualties.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing exchanges of gunfire between the men and security forces, as well as sporadic gunfire from inside the hotel. At least one car was seen burning outside the building.

Reports suggest the nearby Cappucino cafe was also attacked.

The four-star hotel is located close to the country’s international airport.

Stunning photos are emerging from the capital now.

UPDATE: At least 20 people were killed in the attacks.

Al Qaeda took responsibility for the massacre.

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