TERROR IN JAKARTA: Multiple Attacks, Suicide Bombings, Several Dead, Attackers at Large

Jakarta, Indonesia came under attack Thursday morning.
Several explosions were heard in the center of the Indonesian capital.
One at a Starbucks – One at a Police Post
explosions jakarta
Several explosions were heard in the centre of the Indonesian capital on Thursday (Jan 14), witnesses told Reuters.PHOTO: TWITTER

The Straits Times reported:

Police were hunting for gunmen in Jakarta after several explosions killed at least four people on Thursday (Jan 14).

Eyewitnesses said there were some seven gunmen involved and they heard seven explosions.

There was a blast reported at about 10.40am local time at Starbucks cafe located next to Sarinah shopping mall, which is frequented by foreigners.

Another blast went off at a police post between Starbucks and the mall. The police post was completely destroyed.

“The Starbucks cafe windows are blown out. I see three dead people on the road. There has been a lull in the shooting but someone is on the roof of the building and police are aiming their guns at him,” said a Reuters photographer.

Police said the dead so far included three civilians and a police officer. Another two police officers were injured.

Some bodies could be seen on the street near the mall.

Several gruesome photos of bodies on the street are being posted online.

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