Somebody Call Al Gore… Sweden Records -34.8C in Lapland

al gore ice
Someone call Al Gore.

For a planet that’s supposedly burning up it sure is getting cold up north.
Nikkaluokta in Lapland in northern Sweden recorded the coldest temperature this year with levels dropping to -34.8 degrees Celsius this weekend.
It’s a concensus – It’s cold as hell!
The Local reported:

The coldest temperature so far this winter has been recorded in Nikkaluokta in Lapland in northern Sweden, amid ongoing ice and snow warnings across the country.

Nikkaluokta, which is close to the northern city of Kiruna, set the lowest temperature of the season on Tuesday morning, with mercury levels dropping to -34.8C, almost five degrees colder than forecasters had predicted.

Meteorologists also reported that a national ‘isdygn’ had been recorded over the weekend, a term used to describe a 24-hour period where ice is detected at all major weather stations across Sweden.

“It is when the temperature is below zero at all stations in the country. That was the case during the period beginning on Sunday. Even all the coastal stations recorded below zero,” Marcus Sjöstedt, a forecaster for Swedish weather agency SMHI told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

The latest snow and ice snap still remains a long way from the coldest date recorded in Sweden. Back in 1966 a temperature of -52.6C was measured in Vuoggatjålme in Sweden’s far north.

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