Second Major German City Hamburg Reports MASS SEXUAL ABUSE on New Year’s Eve

hamburg no fair game
Women hold signs reading “We are no fair game” at a protest in Hamburg, on January 10, 2016. (News 24)

Hamburg police recorded over 100 incidents of abuse and sexual assault on New Year’s Eve celebrations. Hamburg is the second major German city to report mass sexual abuse by migrants on New Year’s Eve.
France 24 reported:

Police in the northern German city of Hamburg said Sunday they have recorded 133 cases of offences including sexual assaults allegedly committed against women during New Year’s celebrations.

Investigators have not identified any suspects for the assaults that allegedly took place at the port city’s party avenue Reeperbahn.

But victims have described the perpetrators as having “African, Arab, or south European appearance”, a police spokesman told AFP.

“It can of course be possible that the perpetrators belong to one group, but at the moment, the descriptions are different,” said the spokesman, when asked if a parallel could be drawn to the assaults reported in Cologne, on a far larger scale, where assailants are allegedly of North African origin.

Germany was stunned this week by a rash of assaults during New Year’s festivities, with Cologne police recording almost 400 cases that ranged from groping to theft to two reported rapes.

One German woman held a solo protest this week. SIgn reads:
“Respect us. We are not fair game, also if we are naked”
(Warning on nudity)

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