Report: Thousands Of Cuban Refugees Expected To Cross Southern Border Within The Next Week

cuban refugees

Forget about Syrian refugees coming to America. According to a new report out of Texas, thousands of Cuban refugees are going to be crossing the country’s southern border in the next week.

Western Free Press reports:

It’s no longer just an influx of Mexicans, Guatemalans and Hondurans crossing the Southern Border these days.

A new report out of Texas is finding that Cuban refugees are are about to cross the border in a mass migration, almost similar to what has occurred with Syrian refugees across Europe.

At least 7,000 Cubans are expected to cross the Southern Border within next few days and weeks. Workers at the Hidalgo International Bridge said they are seeing more Cubans crossing into the US than ever before.

“They get here every night, in the morning, and at night they get here. They go to Laredo, too,” one worker told KRGV-Texas.

When can we stop the mass refugee and illegal immigration into this country?


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