Report: 43% of Democrats TOO SOCIALIST to Vote for Hillary

After several years of indoctrinating impressionable minors on the joys of Marxism, Hillary Clinton is too vanilla for Democrat voters.
They want a Socialist.

43% of Democrats describe themselves as Socialist today.
sanders socialist

The Politico reported:

Mitt Romney had a 47 percent problem. Hillary Clinton’s problem is 43 percent.

That’s the share of Democratic caucus goers in Iowa who identify themselves as “socialists,” according to a recent Des Moines Register poll. It’s a percentage that has turned a once-easy line of attack – painting Bernie Sanders as too far left to be electable — into a trickier endeavor for Clinton in the last days before the Iowa caucuses.
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Now, as she makes her final argument, Clinton faces a dilemma. She is appealing to an electorate that’s clearly energized by Sanders’ populist rhetoric. But he’s not just any populist. He’s a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist calling for a political revolution to overthrow the “billion-aihs,” as Sanders refers to them in his thick Brooklyn accent. That puts him in direct conflict with the big money donors funding her campaign — the very targets of Sanders’ wrath – and they’re beginning to voice their frustration over the emergence of a viable challenger spouting such “radical” ideas.

“Bernie Sanders is a fringe candidate,” said Eleni Kounalakis, a major Clinton donor who served as ambassador to Hungary during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. “Not just because he is advocating for policies that are pie in the sky and impractical, but also because he has no proven ability to advance these fringe strategies. He’s been in Congress for decades and hasn’t been able to advance any of his fairly radical ideas.”

And. by the next election cycle they will identify themselves as full-blown Marxists.

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