REDDIT Censors And Deletes News Stories About MUSLIM RAPISTS IN GERMANY

Cologne Muslim Rapes

Liberals want more Muslim immigrants to flood the West so news stories which are damaging to that goal are being hidden from public view on Reddit.

Reddit is a fun site for pictures and viral links but politically, it’s a left wing cesspool so this is hardly surprising.

Breitbart reports:


Stories On Cologne Assaults Face Censorship On Reddit

Moderators on the link-sharing and discussion site Reddit deleted dozens of links and comments about immigrant gang violence and sexual assault in Cologne, Germany in an apparent attempt to clamp down on “vileness.”

Moderators on /r/worldnews, a subreddit with over 9.5million subscribers, repeatedly deleted links to stories about the recent New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, which saw over a thousand Arab and North African migrants engage in hundreds of acts of sexual assault and robbery.

Users made a dozen attempts to post links to the story on /r/worldnews, where they were promptly deleted by moderators. It was only when German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the attacks that one news link was allowed to be posted. Comment from the German head of state made it impossible for the moderators to deny the story’s relevance to world news.

Even then, user comments underneath the news link faced mass censorship as well as a temporary lockdown due to what one moderator called “vile rule violating.” Go1dfish, a site which tracks censorship on Reddit and maintains a permanent copy of deleted comments, reveals that users had their comments deleted simply for asking why others had been deleted.

Do you think Reddit would be blocking these reports if the assaults were committed by Christians?

Guess again.


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