Planned Parenthood Sues Activists Who Exposed Baby Body-Parts Harvesting

In September the Center for Medical Progress released their latest video – the 9th in its series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood of selling aborted babies and their body parts.

The September video caught a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies.

The liberal media worked overtime to hide this gruesome practice from the American public. They had to. It is so utterly grotesque and barbaric. When conservatives compare what Planned Parenthood is doing to Nazi laboratory experiments, they are not exaggerating. Planned Parenthood is butchering babies for body parts. It is like watching a horror movie in real life.


This week Planned Parenthood sued the activists who exposed their baby body-parts harvesting program.
The New York Times reported:

Planned Parenthood mounted a legal counterattack Thursday against the anti-abortion activists who used covertly taped videos to accuse the organization of trading in aborted baby parts, charging in a federal lawsuit that “anti-abortion extremists” had engaged in a three-year “complex criminal enterprise.”

The lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in San Francisco, was brought by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its seven California affiliates. The named defendants include the Center for Medical Progress (the anti-abortion group that made and released the videotapes); its director, David Daleiden, who appeared under an alias in many of the videos; Troy Newman, the head of Operation Rescue, who is accused of helping to plan the elaborate deception; and others who played roles in a sham medical company.

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“The people behind this fraud lied and broke the law in order to spread malicious lies about Planned Parenthood,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America in a written statement. “We filed the case to hold them accountable.”

The videotapes created an uproar last summer when the Center for Medical Progress, a previously little-known group, began releasing them. In the first of them, a senior Planned Parenthood medical official is shown discussing over lunch, in casual terms that many found shocking, the provision of fetal tissue to what she believed was a medical company, but was actually a fake enterprise.

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