OOF: MoveOn.org Endorses Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton


Move On was created to protect Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal but they’re not doing anything to help Hillary in this election.

They’ve endorsed Bernie Sanders:

The Top 5 Reasons MoveOn Members Voted to Endorse Bernie (with the Most Votes and Widest Margin in Our History)

With a record-setting 78.6 percent of 340,665 votes cast by the MoveOn membership, Senator Bernie Sanders has won MoveOn.org Political Action’s endorsement for president with the largest total and widest margin in MoveOn history.

MoveOn.org only endorses candidates based on votes by our members. Our only previous presidential endorsement during a Democratic primary was for Barack Obama, in early 2008. In 2004, no Democratic candidate reached the threshold for an endorsement.

Read the five dumb reasons Move On members voted for Bernie here.


The best part of all of this? Democrats can never again call Republicans the party of old white men.

Bernie Sanders is older now than John McCain was in 2008…

When liberals insisted McCain was too old to be president.

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