Obama’s ‘Free College’ Plan Will Spend Billions On Students WHO WON’T GRADUATE

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President Obama’s grand idea to offer free college for any students going to a community college is failing before it even begins.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

President Barack Obama’s free college proposal would spend $36 billion on 5.4 million students who will likely never receive a college degree, according to a report from the American Action Forum.

The proposal includes $60 billion for schools to provide two years of “free” postsecondary education to students at community colleges. The report notes this sum would only cover the cost of tuition and fees, not the full cost of attendance.

Research finds that only 39 percent of community college students complete their studies and receive a degree. “This means that the president’s free college proposal would effectively be spending $36 billion of a $60 billion investment on up to 5.4 million students who will likely never receive any type of college credential,” the report states.

So basically, taxpayers will get screwed once again.


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