GREAT: Obama Assures America That Things Are NOT TERRIBLE (VIDEO)

Obama not terrible

If the best thing Obama can say after almost eight years on the job is that things are “not terrible” it doesn’t inspire much confidence.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

President Obama described the state of the country as “not terrible” to supporters on Wednesday during a speech meant to spark optimism one day after he gave his final State of the Union address.

Speaking to a crowd in Omaha, Nebraska, Obama was touting his economic record by citing America’s dropping unemployment rate when he made the statement.

“Our national unemployment rate has been cut in half,” Obama told the audience, drawing loud cheers. “It’s down to five percent. It’s below three percent here in Nebraska. So, our starting point has to be: things are not terrible.”

Watch the video:


The nearly 100 million people who have left the work force on Obama’s watch might dispute those unemployment numbers.


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