Number of American Babies Named Mohammed SURGES BY 10,000 PERCENT


Muslim mass migration into the United States began immediately after the September 11 attacks and already, a new generation of Muslims are being born here.

Weasel Zippers reports via Washington Examiner:

The number of U.S. newborns named “Mohammed” has jumped 100-fold since 1964, one way of determining the growth of second and third generation Muslims, according to a leading immigration watchdog.

Based on Social Security Administration baby name figures, there were only 29 babies born with one of the spellings of Mohammed in 1964. That has surged to 2,931.

The Center for Immigration Studies used the statistics to determine the growth of the Muslim community, a statistic the federal government doesn’t chart.

“Given the fact that some U.S.- or European-born Muslim terrorists (such as Syed Farook in San Bernardino) have been menacing Western societies, are there any statistics on the growth of the second-generation Muslim populations?” blogged CIS Fellow David North.

Please liberals, keep telling us that Muslims aren’t invading the country.


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