New Year’s Gift to Hillary=> Islamic Group FINALLY Uses Donald Trump in Video

It’s Not ISIS but it is an Islamist Group–
Al-Shabab uses Donald Trump in propaganda video

At the Democratic Party debate in December, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that Donald Trump was being used in ISIS recruitment videos.

The media tried to shrug it off, even after the claim was proven false.

There is an ISIS recruitment video which features a prominent American politician, but it’s not Donald Trump. It’s Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton.

In the video, titled “No Respite,” ISIS calls out “fornicator” Bill Clinton.
isis bill clinton

Now this…
It looks like Hillary Clinton’s prayers have finally been answered.
The Al-Shabab Islamist terror group used Donald Trump in a video this weekend.

The BBC reported:

The Somali Islamist group al-Shabab has released a propaganda video featuring footage of the US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

It shows his recent call for Muslims to be barred from entering the US.

It also shows al-Shabab – al-Qaeda’s East African affiliate – urging African-Americans to convert to Islam and to take part in holy war.

It says racism, police brutality and anti-Muslim sentiment are rife in the US.

Mr Trump’s campaign team has not responded to the video.

In recent years, several Somali-Americans from Minnesota have gone to fight for al-Shabab in Somalia.

Maybe the Hillary camp funneled them some cash?

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